When trying to sell SaaS (software-as-a-service), a website is vital to attract new customers and teach them about the software. It is through the proper communication about what the software is and how it works that makes the solution valuable in the customer's eyes. As such, being able to design a website that communicates that vital information is the difference between attracting plenty of customers to give the SaaS solution a go versus having no one opt for even the free trial.

That being said, if you are designing a SaaS website to get your SaaS product sold, here are some of the many things your website needs to have:

1. A Focus on a Target Audience

When reaching out to a client, don't automatically assume that your software can meet their needs. If it does not, it'll only hurt your company's reputation and waste your time. As such, when communicating with any potential client, always make known your focus on a specific target audience and any use cases. In fact, include this information on your B2B website. Tell the audience who your clients are like and how your SaaS is useful in different scenarios. If the potential customers see that they relate to your audience and find your use cases relatable, they can proceed with the sale. On the other hand, if they see that your software isn't for them, they can leave it for someone else.

2. CTAs to Demo the Software

Not many users are willing to pay for a piece of software they do not get to try. It is much like people looking to purchase a car but will not do so if they cannot give it a test drive. As such, to tell your audience that you are willing to let them give your software a go, or even offer to give them a demo of the software, include this in your call-to-actions. When customers see this, they can reach out to you to enjoy a demo through your software, allowing them to familiarize themselves with what you have to offer and make that final purchase decision.

3. Pictures of the Software's UI

Taking the example of previously buying a vehicle, pictures of the UI are much like pictures of the car's exterior and interior. People look at it to make impressions about what they want to buy, and if they like it, they delve a little deeper to learn more! As such, one of the most important aspects of any SaaS solution that any customer or client wants to know is the software's UI. Provide plenty of pictures of your software's UI will help them get to know better how the UI will look and feel.


When creating a website to sell your SaaS, remember to apply everything we've talked about today. Also, consider other things like providing content for each buying stage, showcasing measurable proof, and such that will educate customers more about what you have to offer. This will help them further familiarise themselves with the software, become more comfortable using it, and ultimately pick it as their go-to SaaS solution!

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