Web Design 101: Don’t Commit These 4 SaaS Homepage Mistakes

Your website should provide a brief description of your products or services. It acts similarly to the front of a physical store, giving customers a close-up look at the brand's products or services

Rhami Aboud

Your website should provide a brief description of your products or services. It acts similarly to the front of a physical store, giving customers a close-up look at the brand's products or services. The homepage is typically what determines whether a visitor closes the tab or keeps surfing.

Every company with a digital marketing strategy, but notably SaaS companies, needs a good website. This is because, as we live in these modern times, it’s crucial that we adapt to the online habits of our clients and customers. Thus, having a strong presence online is a must. If your homepage isn't conversion-optimized, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

Making critical mistakes can damage the design of your SaaS homepage as well as your entire company. If you want to increase conversions, avoid design flaws that could hamper your company from achieving your desired results.

Read on to learn more about website design and the eight SaaS homepage mistakes to avoid today.

Mistake #1: The Singular CTA

It's always a good idea to think about the type of call to action to add on a website. The type and number of CTAs utilized, on the other hand, have been disputed. People are less distracted and more attentive when they simply make one phone call. Using a single call to action simplifies the decision-making process for your visitors.

A single CTA on the site, on the other hand, only draws a tiny number of visitors. Why do people visit your website? They can be browsing for product reviews or doing research. Some simply visit your website in order to make a purchase. It makes sense to provide CTAs with a variety of objectives in order to attract visitors from varied demographics.

Keep in mind that a homepage and a landing page are not one and the same. You may want to route pre-qualified visitors to a landing page where they may take action. On the site, you're usually communicating with folks further down the funnel, who may be there for a variety of reasons!

Mistake #2: Rejecting Social Proof

The importance of social proof for your site cannot be overstated. A visitor's first impression of a SaaS homepage is one of reputation. Your product and service claims will not gain your visitors' confidence. When social evidence and other factors of trust are integrated, conversions increase considerably.

To effectively harness social proof, use case studies that highlight past clients' success stories. Genuine customer testimonials regarding your products or services can be trusted. Use the logos of clients or newspapers that have featured the firm to create trust signals. Include social networking buttons that link to your profile. Having a large following or presenting their good comments about you is a great method to gain the trust of new visitors.

Mistake #3: No Product Information Available

Website visitors looking for product information are looking for fascinating product details. Individuals put their faith in SaaS providers who meet their needs. Inadequate product information may reduce the perceived value of a product in the eyes of the target market. They will most likely leave your website in favour of competitors who provide more extensive product descriptions.

There are various strategies for showcasing the important features of your product. For example, movies can captivate site visitors while still offering important product information.

Mistake #4: There are Missing CTAs

CTAs are argued as to whether they should appear above or below the fold. Customers are used to scrolling through web pages looking for call-to-action buttons. However, studies show that the fold has an effect on behaviour. Visitors to the homepage either stopped scrolling before finding the information they were looking for or were unaware that further content was available below the fold.

Above-the-fold content received more attention than below-the-fold content. Because the homepage of your SaaS website is the primary landing page, it must be optimized to display the most important information above the fold.

Website Design Tips You Need Today 

Clarify the Scope of Your Project

You must be able to communicate successfully with your web design firm. Understanding the scale of your project can assist you in identifying the proper personnel. You can only accomplish the desired project outcomes if you communicate your needs and expectations. You must first understand the scope and requirements of the project.

Analyze Your Finances

Choose a candidate who fits your company's needs and budget. To get started, you'll need a website, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Allow plenty of time for your designer to create a design. Unrealistic expectations will alienate your designer and complicate the project.

Look Ahead

Any qualified website designer will advise you to plan for the future. Your website will cover every area of your business. Create a scalable website as a result. It is easily scalable as your company expands.

Increase Website Traffic

The work begins when your website is launched. Without visitors, even the most gorgeous website will not convert. You must boost site traffic before you can convert. Create passionate blog postings about your clients' demands.


Creating an effective website is already tough to begin with. More than making a website look appealing, it has to function properly, be easy to navigate, and load at fast speeds. These are only some of the important aspects one must consider in building a company or brand website. Indeed, there are more parts of a website that must be prioritized, such as the homepage.

With that said, it’s worth noting by now that building an effective homepage is also another challenge. Thankfully, this challenge is worth learning about and worth overcoming. Now that you know the homepage design mistakes to avoid, perhaps it’s time to get to work.

Keep this information in mind as you move forward with your project with ease. Remember, all it takes is to be creative, assertive, proactive, and smart. This way, you get to reap all the benefits and all the fun, and more! Don’t let the hurdles keep you from exploring the endless possibilities of making your website and your homepage stand out.

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