SaaS Website Best Practices: Benefits, Examples, and FAQs

Building a useful website to support SaaS (Software as a Service) isn't exactly like a walk in the park. If you want a functional and well-designed website, you're going to invest a lot of time, thought, and energy.

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Rhami Aboud, the founder of Arch Web Design, has actively partnered with over 200+ SaaS companies, enabling them to convert traffic into leads, drive revenue growth, and benefit from his expert sales advice.

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Building a useful website to support SaaS (Software as a Service) isn't exactly like a walk in the park. If you want a functional and well-designed website, you're going to invest a lot of time, thought, and energy. Even if you're able to make one, there's always the possibility that visitors might not even like it.

The best SaaS companies follow some conventional wisdom when it comes to designing their sites. To help get you started, here is a brief overview of what some popular SaaS companies do with their sites. Do take note, we won't be listing the steps in creating a website. Instead, expect a few ideas to keep in mind while you build or redesign your website for your SaaS company.

TL;DR - 7 SaaS Website Best Practices

In this blog, we’re covering the seven best practices to follow to have an optimized SaaS website that draws in more traffic and high-intent leads:

1. Avoid Information Overload

2. Above-the-Fold Value Proposition 

3. Content First → Prioritize Content Strategy and Creation 

4. Follow SEO Best Practices

5. Optimize Design and User Experience (UX)

6. Present Your Products Well

7. Offer a Demo or Free Trial

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What is the Best Website Builder For SaaS?

Webflow is undoubtedly the best choice for SaaS brands to design and launch beautiful websites without requiring in-depth coding knowledge. 

Here’s why else why we think it’s #1 in its space:

  • Webflow’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface raises the bar for design and customization. 
  • It offers exceptional design flexibility to build unique websites that reflect your brand identity. 
  • You can also create highly responsive websites with fast loading times ― a must-have for user experience and SEO.

Wondering if Webflow can help skyrocket your SaaS website performance?

With years of Webflow expertise and helping numerous SaaS brands grow online, we can help you build a high-converting Webflow site that drives massive traffic and conversions - get in touch to learn more!

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Why a Well-Optimized Website Matters for SaaS Growth    

Here's why a well-optimized website is crucial to your SaaS growth strategy:

Maximized Conversions

Creating a clear user experience, highlighting your SaaS product's value proposition, and placing engaging CTAs can increase signups, free trials, and paying customers.

Credibility and Customer Trust

Poor SaaS website design can quickly harm customer trust and drive visitors to competitors. A professional, optimized website, on the other hand, shows your brand's expertise and positions you as an industry leader.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Forbes, 45.1% of all clicks on search results are organic.

A well-optimized website with relevant content and on-page and off-page optimization will help you rank higher in search results for keywords your target audience uses. This means free, qualified leads delivered right to your door.

Cost Per Acquisition

Landing new clients can be costly. A website that turns visitors into leads and trials lowers your CPA. Every visitor who self-educates and signs up organically saves money on marketing.

Brand Reputation

50% of consumers feel a strong website design influences their perception of a brand. This is especially true for SaaS businesses.

Seamless user experience and clear communication build brand loyalty and position your SaaS brand as customer-centric. This leads to better word-of-mouth marketing and brand recognition.

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7 Best Practices Every SaaS Website Owner Must Know         

Now, let’s check out seven best practices to follow as a SaaS website owner for the best results:

1. Avoid Information Overload

This is applicable to many websites, not just those in the SaaS industry. Information overload happens when you have a lot of information on a particular page. It is important to have a well-designed site, but it is equally important to have a well-organized site.

Understand that the internet offers a lot of information about your business, your services, and your products. In order to get your point across, you're going to have to have a well-organized website.

In fact, you can't simply have a lot of information on a particular page. You will have to have a lot of information on various pages. It is important to have a well-organized site and a site with a well-thought-out page flow.

2. Above-the-Fold Value Proposition

An above-the-fold value proposition is essential in the marketing of your SaaS business. It has been shown that potential customers prefer to view the most interesting content on a page without having to scroll too far down.

This is why it is crucial to make a compelling value proposition. You might even have to hide a few other things, such as your company profile, contact information, and so on so that you can effectively make your point.

3. Prioritize Content Strategy and Creation

A common mistake among SaaS website designers is centering the design upon the aesthetics instead of the content. A well-designed website is the result of its content. If you fail to think about the content, you will have a very hard time coming up with a functional website.

Remember, people visit your website because they want to know more about your business. They want to know about your services, your products, and a lot more. If you fail to give them that, they'll simply leave your website and go to your competitors.

4. Follow SEO Best Practices

First things first, SEO-driven website design helps you get targeted leads. A SaaS brand with a high search ranking is naturally seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy, which attracts new clients. 

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Identify high-intent keywords your target audience uses to find products/services like yours.
  • Use relevant keywords throughout your website's page - title, meta descriptions, headings/subheadings, web copy, etc.

Here’s a pro tip: earn backlinks from high-quality, relevant websites. This tells search engines that your content is valuable.

5. Optimize Design and User Experience (UX)

A smooth, intuitive website keeps visitors intrigued to learn more and prevents them from leaving frustrated. Clear CTAs, a logical user experience, and a user-friendly design help visitors convert, whether they're signing up for a free trial or buying a subscription.

With mobile devices accounting for the majority of web traffic today, we can build you a highly responsive SaaS website that provides an excellent experience across all screen sizes. Book a strategy session today to get started!

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6. Present Your Products Well

It is important to present your products well on your website. The images you're going to use have to be eye-catching and should also have enough details to let your potential customers know what they're getting.

There is a very thin line between being informative and being deceptive. You have to make sure that the pictures you post are true representations of your products, your services, and everything else you offer.

7. Offer a Demo or Free Trial

There is a very good chance that your potential customers aren't going to buy your products without trying them first. Offer them a free trial or a demo, and you can be sure that more of them will take the plunge.

A demo or a free trial can help you make more sales, save more money, and create a loyal customer base in the long run.

Saas Website Examples

Now, let’s look at website examples of some SaaS brands whom we’ve helped grow in their niches with creative solutions:

1. Beacon CRM

Beacon CRM Homepage

Beacon CRM was stuck with a website that slowed its growth. The old design lacked customization and failed to adequately represent their value proposition.

Our team updated their website to reflect their new branding and prioritize customer demands. We showcased how Beacon CRM helps charities be heroes through a user-centric design and interesting content that addresses their specific doubts, queries, and needs. 

The results were impressive: Beacon’s sales leads increased by 52% in just 30 days. With its eye-catching design, helpful answers, and reassurance of continuous support, the new website helped build a stronger connection with its audience.

2. Hugo

Hugo Homepage

Hugo's software was amazing, but their website was pretty lackluster. The SaaS product was not reaching its target audience, as evidenced by low traffic and conversion rates.

We created a stunning, conversion-optimized website that highlighted the core product benefits. Hugo's website was optimized for SEO, resulting in high-quality leads. The results? Traffic doubled in three months (and is still increasing!), and conversions surged.

3. Uncapped

Uncapped Homepage

Uncapped, a new-gen fintech SaaS, needed a website that could showcase its new product and attract investors. 

We created a visually attractive and conversion-focused website that contributed to their success. With us onboard,’s monthly recurring revenue grew to $50,000 in six months. 

The website's impact grew even further, helping the brand secure a large $80 million funding round.   

Why Consider a SaaS Website Design Agency

Can you DIY a website design, or is collaborating with a SaaS website design firm worth your time and money?

Let’s find out:

SaaS Expertise

Creating a high-converting SaaS website requires professional expertise ― designers who understand user psychology, UX/UI specialists who create easy user journeys, and conversion optimization experts who convert website visits into paying clients.

We bring this specialized experience to the table, guaranteeing your website is visually appealing and actively drives sales and growth.

Faster Time to Market

Setting up an in-house website can be time-consuming. A SaaS website design company simplifies workflows and follows best practices to deliver results quickly without sacrificing quality.

This means you can launch your website sooner than expected and enjoy the benefits of a high-converting online presence.

Proven Results, Data-Driven Approach

An experienced SaaS website design agency boasts a track record of success and follows a data-driven approach that helps you eliminate any guesses. Read our case studies to learn how we've helped similar SaaS brands 2x their conversions.

Future-Proofing Your Brand With AI

AI-powered user experiences are set to define the future of web design. We employ advanced AI tools to personalize user journeys, anticipate visitor needs, and offer unparalleled customer experiences. 

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about our SaaS website design services! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, here are some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about SaaS website design:

What Are Some Common Design Mistakes to Avoid in SaaS Websites?

SaaS websites can lose conversions due to several design flaws, such as:

  • Unclear value propositions
  • Cluttered navigation menus
  • Not optimized for mobile users
  • No strong calls to action
  • No usage of customer testimonials or other social proof
  • Slow loading times.

How Can I Ensure My SaaS Website is Mobile-Friendly?

Ensure your SaaS website is responsive and works well on mobile devices. This means your design layout and content will shift dynamically to any screen size to ensure a hassle-free experience for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users.

Prioritize clear, clickable elements and optimize visuals for quick mobile data loading. Use easy-to-read fonts and keep the content brief for best reading on smaller displays. Finally, reduce the number of fields on forms and make input options mobile-friendly. 

How Can I Incorporate Social Proof Effectively Into My SaaS Website Design?

With social proof, you can easily convert unsure visitors into active customers. Display previous client testimonials to show the value your product offers. Go further with in-depth case studies that show how your product helped clients achieve their goals. 

To increase trust, use well-known brand logos and user review platforms. Finally, highlight positive social media mentions to show website visitors your real-world impact. 

However, remember that positioning matters a lot in this case. Place these features across the user journey, especially on landing pages and pricing sections.


As mentioned earlier, building a successful SaaS website is a tricky feat. It requires careful planning and, more importantly, a lot of knowledge about the subject matter itself. In addition to that, you also have to have a keen eye for design and the experience of creating a functional and well-designed website.

Of course, building a website shouldn't be a burden for you to bear on your own. It pays to have help from those with the expertise in building websites that convert. This is where Arch Web Design comes into play. We create beautiful, high-converting websites for SaaS companies using Webflow. If you're ready to introduce your product to the world, our Webflow developers are here to help you build a custom website optimized for conversion. Contact us today to get started!

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