5 B2B SaaS Web Design Best Practices To Help You Stand Out

Whether you intend to develop a new website or update your current one, it's critical to remember best practices that set you apart while meeting the diverse demands of your potential consumers. 

Whether you intend to develop a new website or update your current one, it's critical to remember best practices that set you apart while meeting the diverse demands of your potential consumers. 

If you're looking for website building companies, consider these recommended practices for B2B SaaS website design that helps you set apart in a crowded market while improving consumer accessibility.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is important in any design, but you want your B2B SaaS website to have a similar appearance and feel throughout if you want to attract new clients or keep warm leads interested.

Colors, graphics, white space, and consistent language throughout all pages make scanning easier for the user and eliminate confusion. Customers learn more about you by making your website design simple to browse and aesthetically consumable, giving them a favorable image of your business. 

If you need help, you can also seek website development services. 

Make Content Shareable

Make sure your material is shareable—it's a little but important step to take while creating a website. It's fantastic if visitors visit your website and discover something they enjoy and want to share. 

You must, however, ensure that they can readily share via social media or email with just one click. Include sharing and contact links in the footer of each page of your website for simple access, and include sharing icons on each of your blog entries to spread your message.

Keep The Design Simple

Keeping your website design simple can provide your B2B SaaS site visitors with a more welcome experience. This includes the following:

  • Clear visuals
  • Backgrounds in solid colors
  • Well-placed and well-written copy
  • A sneak peek at what your material has to offer

By including these features, your consumers will feel educated but not overwhelmed. This is because simple websites are visually attractive. Users don't want to be distracted by overstimulating visuals, moving graphics, or auto-playing movies when they visit your site; they want to get a sense of who you are as a company and then determine where to go next to learn more.

Offer Accessibility

Accessibility, when combined with consistency, may help your users browse your site more successfully and efficiently. To maintain your website accessible, include the following elements:

  • Make your website accessible to your users and validate the actions they're doing to interact with your business.
  • Breadcrumbs indicate users where they came from and where they may go if they need to return to a certain page.
  • Page headers, loading bars, and highlighted menu items provide aesthetic attractiveness to websites and give visitors confidence in navigating them.
  • After a lead has downloaded an offer, a thank you page is a friendly point of contact and indicates that the download was successful.

Provide Follow-Up Support 

Another recommended practice for SaaS website design is to make sure your user feels as though they are assisted in any way possible. Do the following to provide timely follow-up assistance:

  • Create a specific company overview page that highlights what you can offer your customers and how they may collaborate with you.
  • Include a price table on your website, so people don't have to contact you for essential information.
  • Provide follow-up documentation once a user downloads stuff to entice them to learn more about your topic.
  • Respond to any inquiries that visitors to your site may have; make sure you do so before they have to ask.

Maintaining an accessible, clean, and consistent B2B SaaS website and providing excellent contact points between you and the user will set you apart from the competition and establish you as a trustworthy source. If you need help in doing so, collaborate with a web development company. 

Arch Web Design is a web development company situated in Ottawa, Canada's capital. We create beautiful, high-converting websites for SaaS companies using Webflow. If you need help with web design and development, contact us! 

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