Where To Find Webflow Help?

New to Webflow? Check this article to see where you can find assistance with this platform.

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If you are new to web design and development, familiarization with Webflow may take a certain time. 

The good news is that there are a variety of sources where you can get Webflow help. Some of them will require time investment from your side, while others will require monetary investment. 

Let’s look through the most popular and useful resources that are aimed to assist everyone involved into Webflow development.

Webflow university

Webflow has established its own education center called Webflow University. This is a truly powerful resource aimed to help anyone to get into web design. The great thing about Webflow University is that it is completely free to use.

Here you will find a variety of courses, lessons and tutorials that will help you learn more about the possibilities and limitations of the platform.

The courses are divided by proficiency level - beginner, intermediate and advanced - so that everyone’s interests are covered. As to the lessons, they are grouped by topics - elements, layout and design, ecommerce, templates, and more.

You can see that Webflow University is an amazing initiative inspired by the platform creators’ idea to make web design accessible for everyone. So, if you or your team are ready to dive into studying Webflow, this education center will be an invaluable source of knowledge for you.

Webflow’s community forum

One more must-check resource for everyone studying Webflow is the platform’s forum. Sometimes it happens that you get stuck on one or another task. Chances are the issues you have faced have already been discussed on the Webflow forum, so be sure to search there for the tips on how to approach your problem. 

And even if you haven’t found the answer to your question, you can always open a new discussion on the forum and get valuable advice from industry peers.

The forum navigation is intuitive and user-friendly. The forum offers three categories:

  1. Community resources - everything happening in the Webflow ecosystem is discussed here;
  2. Design help - here you can get answers to the design related questions;
  3. Publishing help - this category covers the general questions about Webflow, such as project settings, hosting, and SEO.

So, don’t miss an opportunity to join the forum and become a Webflow insider.

Webflow’s customer support team

If you are a Webflow customer, you can reach out to Webflow’s customer support team.

The support team experts are all around the globe and are ready to handle your request within 24-48 hours. Currently the support team doesn’t provide phone or chat support, but they still reply to all the emails. 

After you hit the “Chat with us” button, a friendly chat bot will ask you to tell a bit more about your request, or to choose a topic your question is related to - Account and billing, Bug report, Plans and pricing, or Custom domains.

In addition, the support page contains the FAQ section, so be sure to check it as well before sending your question to the team.

Webflow experts

The ways of getting Webflow help mentioned above may require certain time and effort from your side. If you cannot afford distracting from business processes, reaching out to experts and outsourcing web design and development tasks to them can be a way out. 

Webflow has got this issue covered. That is, they organized Webflow Experts - a directory of reliable specialists and agencies who are ready to handle the projects of various complexity levels. These experts are endorsed by Webflow for their proficiency and high level of work.

There are two ways to find expert help with your Webflow project.

1. Browse experts directory

Study the experts’ profiles and reach out to those who seem the best fit for your project. You can browse experts by project type, team size, and location.

Speaking about the project types, there are the following categories in the experts directory:

  • Full service
  • Design 
  • Development 
  • Migration 
  • Marketing 

As to the team size, you can browse either freelancers (a good fit for small projects or the specific project tasks) or agencies (a perfect option for building large scale projects and turnkey solutions). 

Search by experts’ region will be useful to those who are willing to work with local professionals.

2. Submit your project

Alternatively, you can post your project details and await for proposals from the interested experts. Be sure to provide a comprehensive description of what you need to achieve.


As you can see now, after having started your Webflow project, you won’t be left alone with the difficulties. There are a variety of ways to get help with Webflow related issues. If you are ready to invest your or your team’s time into studying the platform’s features and implementation of certain functionalities with it, then you should definitely consider Webflow university. 

If you already have some basic knowledge and need assistance with certain aspects, then the Webflow forum might be useful for you. 

Finally, if your budget allows, you can outsource Webflow related tasks to the reliable specialists from Webflow experts directory.

Which path to follow will depend mostly on your goals, priorities, time and monetary resources.

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