Prevent B2B Website Crashes with These Internet Insights

Here’s how to prevent B2B website crashes with these Internet insights.

The worst things to happen to your website are lagging or crashing. A web surfer’s attention is crucial for the first three seconds to keep them hooked and—hopefully—converted to sales. Any delay or crash will cause them to tune out and look for another website that loads quicker and smoother.

For the B2B market, these problems also cause loss of suppliers or retailers that negatively impact their income stream. The best website Webflow designers know that a page must be optimized for seamless viewing and transactions in an immersively online world. 

How do you achieve that? Here’s how to prevent B2B website crashes with these Internet insights.

Quality Web Hosting

Even the best website webflow designers understand that the blueprint for any site begins with quality web hosting services. Online is essentially digital real estate where a provider gives you a space for your website at a regularly-paid amount (usually at annual, three-year, or five-year rates). 

In cases like these, less rarely means more. A hosting provider could turn out cheaper now but will cause you headaches in the long run. Affordable prices could be a nicer way of saying, We’ll just provide a space for your site, but we don’t do protection, maintenance, and the like. You’re on your own.

Those exclusions work against you since your site is more likely to crash. As such, consider slightly pricier but reasonable providers such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Pantheon, and WP Engine. You might pay more, but that means fewer chances of crashes and cyberattacks.

Renew Your Web Hosting Service

Since your hosting provider bills you on a schedule, be sure to pay on time. Check your emails for their updates and follow-ups regarding the due date.

Why? Your B2B crash could simply be the result of not paying your bill. As such, the provider will not continue its service and take your page offline!

Avoid this by connecting your bill payment to the company website, so your page is always up and running.

Limit Admin Access

Too many cooks spoil the broth, both in cooking and website management. Even the best website design company will advise you to keep admin access to a bare minimum. 

At most, ensure only key people from your IT department, web team, and supplier (if you hire a marketing agency). One person from each group should suffice since the maximum number of admins for a website is three.

Limit Edits to the Code

This next tip is precisely why your team must strictly follow the previous tip. Code is a back-end, online language that creates the front-end aesthetics of your website. The top bars on your home page? All due to code. The copy in your About Us section? Supported by code. Pictures, photos, and other media you place on your site are held together by code.

Imagine if someone without a background in web design or IT decided to change the code because they read online that it would be a great new feature. What if it crashes the code instead?

Edits made in code affect live online environments. Limiting your administration access prevents this since they know how to publish revisions in a non-live environment to see how it would look beforehand. Basically, they know how to do trial versions before going live.


In addition to following these tips, ensure you get the best website webflow designers to monitor your page regularly. They’ll keep you abreast of troubleshooting areas and may even suggest some revisions to make your B2B site a more seamless experience for current and potential customers.

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