3 Software as a Service Solutions Small Businesses Can Use

SaaS marketers would need to keep up with the trends and plan in advance on what they can do to provide the demands seen today.

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The future is bright for many Software as a Service companies. Revenues for the SaaS industry may skyrocket at $151.1 billion by 2022. However, companies must prepare for the challenges that the boost brings along with the great fortune.

In the latest annual report for the SaaS industry, 30 percent of startups and enterprises have used SaaS products in the last year. Due to the massive demand by small businesses, SaaS marketers would need to keep up with the trends and plan in advance on what they can do to provide the demands seen today. But for now, these are the most effective SaaS marketing solutions for the coming year ahead.

1. Effectivity of Native Ads

Native ads are paid advertisements matching the format of the media they appear in. They can range from videos and photos to infographics and even articles. Native ads became more popular as there has been a decrease in effectiveness for traditional display ads. As the latter type of advertisement lost its relevance, the former became more in demand than ever. As estimated, the revenues in native advertising can reach up to $400 billion by 2025.

Most of the time, native ads are part of the services offered in web design agencies as they fall as collaterals. If you’re a business owner looking to explore the world of native advertising, you could tap a web design agency near you for help. But one thing’s clear: native ads can convey the message better and more effectively than traditional advertising.

2. The Rise of Video Formats

As the internet became faster in most parts of the world, people now preferred watching videos to get information online rather than read about it. Therefore, video formats will gain an advantage when used as a medium for advertising products and services online.

Through video content, customers can understand how a product works or how services are relevant to them. In a way, it makes them feel more drawn to try out the offers as it seems more timely and relevant to them. In fact, watching videos does not make them feel like they’re wasting their time compared to reading about a company.

3. Inclusion of Feature Marketing

Feature marketing is an innovative approach to selling existing products. The marketing method works by letting companies add a new feature—specification, upgrade, or additional perks—on their old product. As a result, it makes customers feel excited and eager to get their hands on the “new” product.

The marketing ploy is effective as it re-engages people to repurchase the product even if it was already launched or sold in the past. Most of the time, customers are happy about some upgrades as they have upsold something they need. But in reality, it’s only a way to attract more customers to try the newly-upgraded product.


The world of advertising and marketing constantly changes. As there are more technological improvements than ever, people are starting to develop a new campaign strategy to make up for the wasted potential technological advancements. However, as fast-paced as it sounds, most businesses cannot keep up with the changes and may need to ask help from experts to get their job done.

For example, Webflow designers can help identify which part of the website should the newer campaigns appear to suit how users navigate a website. Meanwhile, web designers can make it easier for website visitors to navigate through confusing tabs instead of switching out to another website. Overall, the future is bright for SaaS companies, but it might be challenging for most businesses in the future. 

Arch Web Design recognizes the need for help in navigating through the effective SaaS campaigns of the future. We offer web development services that can help our clients better understand how they can use their website to their advantage. If you’re searching for a web design agency near you, let us know on our website or schedule an appointment today!

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