Mistakes to Avoid on Your SaaS Website’s Homepage Design

The homepage is where you provide a schematic overview of your products or services. Learn the mistakes to avoid.

Rhami Aboud

The homepage is where you provide a schematic overview of your products or services. It acts in a similar manner to how the front of a physical store gives people a sneak peek at the brand's products or company's services. The homepage helps viewers decide whether you are the company they are looking for, and it often means the difference between someone closing the tab or sticking around to browse. 

Every business with a digital marketing strategy needs an effective webpage, but this is especially true when it comes to SaaS companies. Your homepage is crucial for converting visitors, and if you don't optimize with that in mind, you're passing up a massive opportunity for growth. 

What makes it more compelling is avoiding crucial mistakes that can jeopardize your SaaS homepage design and your business as a whole. To help you, here are some worth noting design blunders to avoid if you want to increase conversions.

Using a Singular CTA

It is always a good idea to consider what kinds of Call-To-Action (CTA) to use on a homepage. However, there have been arguments about the type and number of CTAs to be used. Some claim that a single call avoids distractions and focuses people's attention on a single action. It stands to reason that using only one CTA will make your visitors' decision-making process much more manageable.

However, it has been proven that having a single CTA on the homepage will only attract a subset of visitors. People visit your website for a variety of reasons. They may be looking for product reviews, read your blog, or do their research. Some only visit your website to buy from you right away. It makes sense to include some CTAs with different intentions to elicit strong encouragement from all visitor segments.

Keep in mind that the homepage has a different purpose than a singular landing page. On a landing page, you may be looking to guide pre-qualified viewers in the direction of a certain action. On the homepage, you’re typically working with people higher up in the funnel, and they may have a number of different reasons to be on your site!

Opting Out of Social Proof

Social proof is an essential trust indicator on your homepage. When a visitor first visits a SaaS homepage, they evaluate the company's reputation. The promises you make about your products and services will not win alone any visitors' confidence. However, when coupled with other trust factors like social proof, it increases conversions significantly. 

To utilize social proof effectively, use case studies that detail previous clients' detailed success stories. Reviews that include genuine feedback about your products or services can act as trusted sources. Furthermore, put trust icons where you can show the logos of companies worked with or publications that featured the company. It would be wise also to include social media buttons that will take them to your social profile. Displaying how many followers you have or showing their positive posts about you is an excellent way to gain the trust of new visitors.

Having Incomplete Product Details

Interested homepage visitors usually search for the most appealing product details. People put faith in SaaS companies that they consider valuable to their needs. Therefore, an incomplete product detail can lessen a product's value to the desired audience. They will most likely abandon your homepage and jump to competitors that provide better product descriptions. 

There are many ways to draw attention to your product's key characteristics. Videos, for example, can captivate any site visitors while also providing essential information on the product's main features.

Missing the CTA Above the Fold

The argument over whether CTAs should be above or below the fold may seem irrelevant. Several claims say that consumers are used to scrolling down websites and look for CTAs below the fold. However, studies have shown that the fold affects individuals' behaviour. Homepage visitors either quit scrolling before obtaining the information they wanted or were oblivious that additional information awaits them just below the fold. 

Contents above the fold drew more significant attention than elements below the fold.  Since the homepage of your SaaS website is the most significant landing page and includes so many critical components, it must be optimized to display the most vital information above the fold.


Because all other marketing channels lead back to a SaaS company's homepage, its performance may depend on its design and effectiveness. Many issues arise when the website's essential pages, like landing pages and homepages, are not optimized to convert visitors. It will squander all the time and money spent on other channels. To prevent this, tweak and optimize your SaaS homepage design. A variety of A/B testing tools can be used to test different components on your site to obtain your desired results.

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