Great Practices for SEO You Can Use for Your Webflow Website

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), web designers and web developers alike tend to just leave it to professionals who actually handle that kind of thing.

Rhami Aboud

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), web designers and web developers alike tend to just leave it to professionals who actually handle that kind of thing. What a lot of people don't actually realize is that a lot of the best SEO practices actually do very well as user experience (UX) practices!

Here are some great practices for SEO you can use for your Webflow website:

Give All Images Alt Texts

Alt texts are essentially the best way for images to be "seen" by a search engine crawler. They are basically explanations by way of meta descriptions. Think about accessibility options for people that are visually impaired; a lot of it is basically the same logic.

Screen readers generally rely on alt tags so that image content can be rendered. In cases when images don't load or are unable to do so, text descriptions will appear instead.

Have Proper Header Tags

Page structure optimization is a crucial step. Afterwards, of course, the content in a page has to be adjusted as well. It is at this stage that proper header tags (H1 to H6) should be prepared.

Both search engines and readers get assistance from title tags in order to process page content. That way, various information's connections can be established. Aside from the main topic, it is also possible for subtopics to be connected as well.

Have Proper URL Structures

URLs are relied on by both search bots and users so that a web page's content can be properly identified. This is why it's important for many websites to have proper, neat URLs.

Make Sure All The Pages Have SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions

  • Meta Title (Tag) - This is basically the first point of contact between a business' website and a possible visitor. It's important to have a key one-liner that's descriptive which shares what's in a page. Take note that the title shouldn't be longer than 60 characters. Google has a tendency to shorten lines that are longer than that.
  • Meta Description - As the name suggests, this is a summary that talks about page content. Anything longer than 158 characters will end up truncated. An ideal ballpark to go with is the 150 to 155 character range.

Search engine results pages (SERPs), web browsers and social media will always have meta title and meta descriptions on display. They are the text preview of what kind of content the page has. This is why it's important to have a meta description copy that's nothing short of enticing, which draws people in. 

That will bring more clicks, which is great for SEO. A click-through rate that's particularly high will lead Google to see more value in a website. As a result, ranking on Google will be much higher.

Use SEO Software to Make Your Life Easier

You can use SEO software to help you with the following aspects of your website:

  1. Site Audits
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Content Optimization

You can first audit your website to see what you're missing and then use these recommendations to fix the issues. Then you can perform keyword research to find what keywords your users are searching for and the optimize your content to be able to help them find your information better!

Top 3 Picks for SEO Software

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Google Search Console
  3. SEM Rush

If you need more information, check out this guide on the Best SEO Software for Agencies in 2021.


SEO is one of the most important factors in terms of a website's success. When it comes to Webflow websites, there are many practices that can be set in place to help things along. This includes giving all images alt texts, making sure all pages have SEO titles and meta descriptions as well as having proper URL structures.

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