3 Key Considerations When Creating a Successful SaaS Website

Web design can make or break customers’ decisions to trust a brand, so there needs to be a lot of deliberation and planning regarding its development.

Rhami Aboud

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model entails offering software licenses to users on a subscription basis. Because these individuals and organizations will rely on your software to accomplish their tasks, it’s only suitable to attract their attention with an impactful, high-converting, and well-developed website.

Your organization’s SaaS website needs to generate new leads and send a message to potential customers. The site serves as the brand’s “face” because it will give them a lasting first impression of your business. They need to know who you are and what you can do for them through this webpage.

Web design can make or break customers’ decisions to trust a brand, so there needs to be a lot of deliberation and planning regarding its development. There are many vital factors to consider when creating a high-converting site, and these include:

1 - A Clean and Intuitive Web Design

A clean and professional web design is what makes websites easy to navigate, yet impactful. Adding unnecessary elements and buttons can feel overwhelming and distracting, which can confuse customers and harm your site’s conversion rates. 

Keeping it simple will provide users with the optimal browsing experience. A neat and tidy website also gives off an air of professionalism for the site, helping customers know that it’s run by experts who know what they are doing. 

Use easy-to-read fonts for the site—nothing too fancy. Sometimes, fonts that may look cool and eye-catching are difficult to read for many users. How can people know who you are when they can’t read your content? 

Like in fonts, the same principle applies to colours. Users need to see each element with ease, especially if the software you offer is aimed at older adults. While the brand’s signature colours are fair game, it’s best to provide high-contrast tones for optimal readability.

2 - Engaging Content

Although web design is crucial for high-converting SaaS websites, there also needs to be high-quality content to back up the site’s aesthetics. Informative blog articles, for example, can educate potential customers on all the things they need to know about your brand and the software you offer. There can be pieces about how to use the product, troubleshooting options, FAQs, and other essential information.

Well-produced photos and videos can also showcase the software’s capabilities. They need to be high-quality, but it’s best to ensure the elements don’t slow the site’s loading time. The videos should ideally be less than 30 seconds long—short and sweet can go a long way.

Testimonials are also powerful elements because they provide social proof. Word-of-mouth and experiences from other users are some of the most compelling marketing devices out there, and placing them on your site can significantly affect its conversion rate.

3 - Clear Contact Information

After enticing customers with web design and content, they have to know how to reach out to you. Make sure to place contact information like your phone number, email, business address, social media sites, and other necessary details on the site.


Competition is fierce nowadays. Having an impactful and high-converting website is often the key to a SaaS company’s success. With these key considerations in mind, along with a reliable web design agency to help, you can ensure that your business stays competitive and profitable.

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