How To Build A Website Without Coding

Can you build a website with no coding experience? With website builders, you certainly can! Read this article to learn more.

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Are you starting your own project? Or launching a new product? Or perhaps opening a new business direction? All of these new beginnings are the great reasons to build your own website.

With a web development background, this won’t be a very challenging issue for you. Without it, you may need to assign this task to the professionals. This, in turn, will require additional money investment.

And here is the good news for you: even if you don’t have enough funds to hire professional web developers, you shouldn’t give up your idea. 

And this is where no-code platforms come in.

What Is No-Code About?

In today’s realities, many business owners strive for simplification, cost reduction and automation. And web development is no exception. 

This is why several years ago, no-code programming emerged as a global trend. As a result, a huge number of no-code platforms, or website builders have appeared.

With a no-code platform at place, you can create a full-fledged working product by simply dragging and dropping the elements. For that, you actually need no technical knowledge. 

The projects built with such platforms cannot be distinguished from the ones coded by the development teams. Isn’t that amazing?

Why Use Website Builders?

If you haven’t heard of no-code platforms before, you might not be aware of the benefits they provide. Let’s take a closer look at what website builders can do for you.

1. A high-end web solution with no coding skills required 

Website builders greatly facilitate site creation and make it accessible to everyone, no matter what programming experience you possess. 

With a website builder, you can create projects of literally any complexity (from landing pages to high load online stores and portals). You can easily set up various services integrations - email marketing, social media tools, payment processing and many more.

2. A wide range of customizable templates

With a variety of pre-made templates and themes, you don’t need to design the overall structure and layout from scratch. At the same time, you are free to customize the look and feel of your website as you wish.

3. Responsive design looking amazing on any device 

The design is called responsive if the site can be conveniently viewed on all the mobile devices, without the need to build special versions for each gadget.

Website builders available in the market today can help you a lot with building responsive websites. Again, this can be done without coding.

4. A cost-effective way to launch a website 

Using website builders is especially beneficial for novice entrepreneurs and startups who want to test their idea and launch their products, but do not have a five-six-figure sum for that yet.

Instead of looking for professional developers, assembling a team for a project, and spending several months or even years on creating a product, you can just drag and drop a few elements, and you're done with your website!

Website Builders Overview 

Today there is a great variety of website building platforms aimed to help you get started with your project quickly. 

Some of website builders to consider for building and launching your new website:

  • Webflow
  • Wordpress
  • Wix 
  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • Bootstrap 

These platforms differ in terms of control over the underlying code of your site, and the desired customization level. Therefore, your choice will depend on your priorities. For example, you may prefer staying away from writing a single line of code, and focusing on creating a highly personalised design instead. Alternatively, you may want to follow a “hybrid” approach and make code adjustments to your website as needed.

The Opportunities Webflow Provides 

Today more and more specialists opt for the Webflow platform. This is a powerful fully-functional website builder aimed to help you create responsive sites without any code knowledge. Why? Let’s outline the key advantages of it.

First, with Webflow you (or your specialist) can focus on design, and the platform will take care of the code. 

Second, you can be aware of your website compatibility with the wide range of devices and across all the modern browsers.

Third, you can design everything your own way - layout, colors, typography. The platform provides rich opportunities to apply fancy animations, interactions and create the fully customized look and feel of your website.


With no-code platforms that are popular today, absence of coding knowledge isn’t a reason not to build a website yourself anymore. They can assist you a lot with setting up an up-to-date, responsive and easily-customizable website. The choice of the most optimal solution will greatly depend on your priorities - whether you’d like to focus on design solely, or you’re willing to be able to enhance the programming code as well.

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