4 Web Design Practices for Effective Lead Generation

Here are some web design practices you should consider doing to improve your B2B website’s lead generation performance.

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Effective lead generation is an essential aspect of B2B marketing and web design. By generating more leads, you ensure a steady growth rate in business returns. However, if you want to improve your website’s lead generation capability, you need to know a couple of tips and tricks that can be extremely helpful. Here are some web design practices you should consider doing to improve your B2B website’s lead generation performance.

Establish Your Design’s Flow

Designing for design’s sake is a big no-no when creating a website. You’re most likely to end up with a cluttered or crowded website that runs so slow. If you want to really maximize your lead generation on your B2B website, you need to have a clear flow in your design that will make it easier for users to navigate. It’s best to only show essential pieces of information on your website at all times. Any other element that distracts the user should be removed to improve your website’s design flow.

Utilize Design Elements as a Guide

A smart way of using web design elements is to make them work as a guide for users on where they are or where they should be going. Think of a typical grocery store where there are those big signs that point you in the right direction or what aisle you should go to when looking for a specific item. The same principle applies to your website by incorporating clear elements into the design to help the user along the path to conversion, which is one of your goals. These guides should be subtle but effective in pointing your users to sign up for a newsletter, complete a contact form, or download a resource.

Include Relevant Images or Illustrations

Whenever a user visits your B2B site, it should be clear to them what the website is all about and that whatever it is they need is there on the website. You can achieve this by putting relevant images and illustrations on your website as part of its design. For example, a cleaning company should show images of a clean household. On the other hand, a restaurant owner should then showcase the restaurant’s look and the dishes they serve. By showing relevant imagery to users, they’ll know what they signed up for and why they’re there.

Create Compelling CTAs

A call to action (CTA) is an essential part of any website. It’s basically the final push that any prospect needs to convert. Including a variety of CTAs above and beyond just that of ‘contact us’ will provide website visitors with other ways to engage with the website and the business. Making a variety of compelling CTAs will help you cater to different types of users. Remember, some website visitors will know exactly what they want while others like to learn more or find more info about your company. A good CTA will help push these visitors into taking action and push them into the next stage of your marketing funnel.


Effective lead conversion is a crucial part of any B2B website. By following some of these web design practices, you’re sure to improve the effectiveness of your lead conversion efforts and reap all of its benefits.

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