2 Important Reasons to Make Your Website ADA-Compliant

Today, ADA also applies to the internet, particularly websites. This is known as website ADA accessibility.

Rhami Aboud

ADA, short for Americans with Disabilities Act, is an act that pushes companies and public service providers to accommodate people with disabilities. Today, ADA also applies to the internet, particularly websites. This is known as website ADA accessibility. As you may have guessed, the main goal of website ADA accessibility is to ensure that those who have some form of disability such as bad eyesight, hearing loss, and the like can still use a website normally and efficiently. Unfortunately, not many companies know how to make their website ADA compliant, and this problem is much more common than you may realize.

Now you might be thinking about why you would want to put the effort into making your website ADA compliant. That extra effort can't possibly be worth the results, right? Well, here are two important reasons you should consider:

1. Increases Engagement and Sales

As a company, you're all about making more and more money by boosting your website's engagement rates and sales. You invest a lot of money into different strategies to do this, and you try everything there is to try to push your sales. The great thing about being ADA compliant is that it also helps boost your engagement and sales! This is simply because when your website is ADA compliant, people with disabilities end up far happier using your websites, giving you more opportunities to convert a disabled person into your customer.

That said, boosting your sales isn't the only way you're going to make more money. Being ADA compliant also reduces your cost of fines and legal expenses. Many businesses today face thousands of dollars in penalties simply because their website isn't ADA compliant. In other words, making your website ADA compliant keeps you out of trouble, ensuring you don't waste money paying fines.

2. Boosts Everyone's Website Experience

One of the best ways to improve your website's reach in the online world is to ensure it offers the best website experience possible. This way, search engines like Google will reward you with a higher rank, pushing up website's visibility and growing your visits.

Now, you may assume that being ADA compliant will simply improve the experience of disabled people. However, this isn't true. What makes a disabled person's life easier will make a disability-free person's life even easier! Think about it, if you make something easy to read for people with impaired vision, those with good eyesight can read such content even better. Put simply, creating an ADA-compliant website makes the website much easier to use for everyone, boosting your website's user experience and solidifying your online presence.


Apart from keeping you out of trouble and making your website's experience better, being ADA compliant can help grow your reputation positively. In a world where the digital world is full of distrust, building trust between you and your customers is a luxury indeed. As such, if there is any reason to make your website ADA compliant, it is to improve your brand's reputation to show to your audience that you care about them, that you are worth working with for the products and services you have to offer. With an ADA-complaint website, you can sit back and relax knowing that you are maximizing your online presence, securing your online and offline success!

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