Beacon CRM, a charity-focused software provider, improved their online presence with our help. Initially, their outdated and simplistic website failed to engage visitors and showcase Beacon CRM's offerings effectively. We updated the site, aligning it with their new brand identity and focusing on user engagement, which resulted in a 52% boost in sales leads within a month. The refreshed, user-friendly website now effectively communicates Beacon CRM’s value, turning visitors into customers, and is ready to support charities in overcoming their challenges with old and clunky technology.


Beacon CRM, an innovative software provider for charities, was held back by an outdated, self-built website. Though functional, the site was not very customizable, lacked a distinctive identity, and was not effectively communicating the benefits to the customers. Beacon CRM knew they needed a change, especially as their organization had grown significantly.

The Challenge:

The primary issue was the website's inability to engage visitors and convert them into customers. Its minimalistic design, rooted in Beacon CRM's initial branding, failed to instill curiosity or provide adequate support information to the visitors. The website was more about Beacon CRM than the solutions they offered to their customers.

Our Approach:

We focused on three emotions Beacon CRM wanted their visitors to feel: Curiosity, Relief, and the feeling of being Supported. We initiated a complete overhaul to align the website with Beacon CRM’s new brand guidelines, focusing on creating an engaging, user-friendly, and supportive experience for the visitors.

The Transformation:

The new website now has a modern, distinctive design that aligns perfectly with Beacon CRM’s revamped brand identity. We prioritized showcasing customer benefits, positioning the visitors as the "heroes" and Beacon CRM as the supportive ally. Every element of the site is designed to evoke curiosity, offer relief, and ensure visitors feel supported.

Key enhancements:

  • User-Centric Design: A vibrant, yet intuitive layout that centers around the users’ needs and challenges.
  • Customizable Features: Enhanced flexibility to allow easy content updates and customization.
  • Engaging Content: Clear, concise, and compelling content that focuses on how Beacon CRM solves the charities' specific problems.

The Results:

Within just 30 days of the website’s relaunch, Beacon CRM experienced a remarkable 52% increase in sales leads. Visitors now felt a stronger connection with the brand, thanks to the website’s ability to make them feel curious, relieved, and supported.

Visitors now explore the site more, seeking to quench their curiosity. They feel a sense of relief discovering a provider that understands their needs, and the personalized, human touch in the content assures them of the support Beacon CRM provides.

The Arch team is fantastic. Everyone is super knowledgeable, and most importantly, *results* focused. They really care about making our new website convert well, not just on making it pretty."

Make sure you're tracking conversions - so we can compare conversions with the new site once it's live." 👈 not something you expect to hear from a web agency!

If you're a SaaS company switching to Webflow, I'd highly recommend working with Arch.

Chris Houghton

A Brighter Digital Future:

Beacon CRM’s new website is not just a digital space but an engaging, supportive platform where charities discover tailored solutions designed to catapult them into a future of streamlined operations and impactful outreach. Beacon CRM is no longer just a software provider but a partner in amplifying the impact of charitable organizations.

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