Choosing your partner for a Wordpress Migration

Looking for a reliable partner to migrate your Wordpress site to Webflow? Here are the tips on how to find a suitable provider.

Rhami Aboud


Choosing the right partner is crucial for the project success. This is true for the website related tasks as well, and transferring a website to a new platform is not an exception.

If you are new to Webflow, outsourcing migration to the professionals looks reasonable. This will prevent you from making mistakes that can be costly to fix.

But how should you actually find the right partner for migrating your Wordpress site to Webflow? 

Having been experts in Webflow for several years already, our team has managed to develop certain quality standards towards the work in this area. And today we are ready to share our vision of how to find a reliable contractor for migrating a web project to Webflow with you.

Define the goals

First and foremost, be sure to describe your goals and objectives in detail. Why have you decided to migrate to Webflow? What do you want to achieve after this migration? How are you going to measure your success? 

It should be clear to a provider what exactly you need to achieve. This will help to take into account all the nuances that may affect the achievement of your goals.

Outline your budget

After you have defined your goals, it’s time to define the required budget. A professional’s time can be rather expensive, so you have to be prepared for this. It’s much better to understand your budget constraints beforehand to prevent any disappointment during the selection process. 

To get an idea of how much website migration related works can cost, you may want to look for information about the similar projects’ costs on the publicly available resources, such as Upwork.

Decide if you want to work with a freelancer or a team

Next, you need to decide if you are willing to work with a freelancer of a team of experts. This choice will actually depend on the scope of work and its complexity. That is, small projects and specific project related tasks (like migrating a website to Webflow) can be easily handled by a freelancer. However, if you are looking for a turnkey solution (i.e. not only migrating a website, but also totally redesigning it), then working with an agency seems to be a better option.

By hiring a team, you get access to the qualifications of different specialists. Besides, you don’t have to depend on one person (like in case of hiring a freelancer) - the whole team will be responsible for the result of the work.

Get familiar with candidates profiles

After you have come up with the project requirements, you can start searching for a provider. 

Webflow Experts is a great resource for this. This is actually a directory of reliable specialists and agencies who are ready to handle the projects of various complexity levels. All the experts within this network are endorsed by Webflow for knowing the platform inside and outside and being capable to bring the most ambitious ideas into life.

To find the potential candidates for your project, browse the experts directory, study the profiles and compile a short list of experts that seem to fit your requirements.

Get familiar with their clients’ testimonials

In addition to checking out experts’ profiles on Weblow Experts network, you can go ahead and study their websites. Check if the candidates possess relevant experience, and which portfolio projects do their share on their resources.

Besides, a good idea is to look for customer reviews about working with them. Clients’ feedback (especially on the independent resources) builds additional credibility. One of the trusted resources for finding client reviews is Clutch.

Get in touch

After you have done your research and compiled your list of the top candidates, you can finally proceed to contacting them.

A good practice is to send your request in the form of Request for Proposal (RFP). To make the further communication with candidates as effective as possible, we recommend that you include the following information in your request:

  • The project summary (i.e. the initial platform you’ve been using and why you have decided to migrate to Webflow);
  • What you want to achieve with this migration;
  • The project scope (what are you ready to provide and what you expect as a result);
  • The desired timeline;
  • Your budget constraints.

Based on the responses and suggestions received, as well as the information obtained during your preliminary research, you can make a reasonable decision about your Webflow migration provider.


As we can see, choosing a reliable Webflow migration partner is not so easy. First of all, you need to define your project requirements, understand the expected results and determine the available budget. 

Next comes the screening of candidates, which includes the initial research, sending out an RFP, and communicating with them. Based on all the information received, you can make your final decision.

If you are happy with the migration to Webflow carried out by your provider, chances are you will want to continue working with them in the future. This can mark the beginning of a long-term partnership and acquiring a reliable web development partner, which is truly important for the business success.

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