Useful Tips to Create a B2B Website that Works to Get Leads

Create a B2B website that works! Identify goals, map the buyer journey, understand the B2B buying process, develop buyer personas, unify your brand.

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B2B websites handle brand awareness, thought leadership and product promotions. But at the end of the day, these websites will focus on conversions. A B2B website is developed with many different stakeholders, each of which is concerned about their own priority. The most successful B2B websites are those that focus on the customer.

Companies can better anticipate customer journeys across the site and design a customer experience that is more likely to end in conversions by assessing their customers’ wants, needs, and pain points. Here are tips for creating a B2B website that caters to the customer.

Useful Tips to Create a B2B Website that Works to Get Leads

1 - Identify your goals and find ways to measure performance

What is it that you want to achieve with your website? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Connect with new prospects? Drive more conversions from products pages?

With clear goals, you will be better able to measure the success of your website. Are you meeting your goals? If not, you can analyze where things are going wrong and adjust your website accordingly. If you are meeting your goals, then you can focus on increasing conversions of your key pages.

2 - Map out the buyer journey

There are many different channels for B2B companies to communicate and influence buyers. A clear understanding of the buyer’s journey is useful in finding the best platforms and channels for your content.

3 - Gain a deeper understanding of the B2B buying journey

It is important to understand that the buyer journey is different for each industry. The purpose of your customers’ journey may vary depending on the industry they are in and their role in the buying process.

According to a recent survey, the typical B2B buyer journey looks like this:

Awareness: Before gaining awareness, most buyers are unaware of your product or service. During awareness, buyers are starting to learn about your product. They may have read a press release, found your product on a vendor directory, or had a conversation with a colleague.

Interest: During the interest phase, buyers decide if they are going to invest their time in your product. They are researching the product, finding out more about your company and competitors, and requesting demos.

Consideration: The consideration process takes place when a buyer has decided to purchase your product or service. They are determining if your product is a good investment for the company.

4 - Develop buyer personas

Understanding the different types of buyers and their roles in the purchasing process will help you develop buyer personas. Buyer personas describe your key audiences based on their job function, department, or level within the company. The buyer persona describes what they want, what they need, who they are, and how they behave.

5 - Unify your brand and messaging

Your website is the hub of your brand’s public perception. As such, it must match the image you want to project to your customers. Your brand image must be consistent across all of your marketing materials, including your website. Your website can be used to reinforce your brand image.


It’s not just about the features you want your website to have. It’s about the experience you want your customers to have. If you want your website visitors to take specific actions on your website, you need to design your website to achieve those actions. Once you’ve set your goals and identified your customers, design your website around their needs.

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