5 Traditional Elements B2B Company Websites Should Have

For a B2B website to stand on its own, designers need to clearly understand what it needs to conduct the transactions vital to sealing the deal.

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Business-to-Business is a transaction involving two companies—a manufacturer and a wholesaler. For a B2B website to stand on its own, designers need to clearly understand what it needs to conduct the transactions vital to sealing the deal. But what elements should a B2B website have?

1. Professional Design

It’s important to note that most B2B sites do not need to draw in traffic. They aim to talk about a business’s products or services. It means designers must focus on content rather than flashy graphics. A B2B website design should be clean and professional but not sterile or boring.

A first impression is hard to change, which means a B2B site needs to look professional and trustworthy when users first visit the site. The design should reflect the type of company the company is, and both should give a clear indication to potential customers of how the company will serve them. 

2. Easy-to-Use Navigation Tools

When using a B2B website, users have a specific objective. They are looking to conduct business with the company and not for entertainment. Having easy-to-use navigation tools makes it so users can find what they’re looking for in a flash.

Planning a B2B site requires more attention to detail and higher navigation tools. It’s essential to ensure the navigation is easy to use and quick to load. Focus on short, clear sections and headlines that give a clear picture of the site’s purpose. It’s also essential to ensure there are no unnecessary tools that don’t add value to the site.

3. Overview of Services

The most crucial section of a B2B website is the one that highlights what services a company provides to its customers. These services should be easy to find and read on a mobile device. A user should view what services a company offers quickly and easily. 

For a B2B site to be successful, it needs to be easy to navigate, and the most critical sections need to be easy to find. It means the services section needs to be easily accessible from the navigation menu and easy to find on the homepage. Users shouldn’t have to dig for the services section; it should be highlighted and easy to find.

4. Contact Page

A contact page is an integral part of a B2B site, as it is a section that leads to a transaction. Having a contact page allows customers to connect with a company. It’s essential that the contact page is easy to find and encourages users to call, email or social media message the company. Having a link to social media feeds is also a significant page on a B2B site, as this is one of the most popular ways to connect with a company today.

5. Feedback Page

Giving your customers a way to rate a business is an effective way to determine how well a business is doing. A feedback page is an integral part of a B2B website because it allows users to share information about your company, products and services with other customers, leading to more sales and connections.


A B2B website is pretty straightforward when it comes to design. It means that you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details but instead focus on clean, bold and professional content. A website should have a clear objective, and all sources of contact should be easily accessible.

As you plan out your B2B website design, consider what needs to be on the site. Creating a functional, professional, accessible, and easy-to-navigate plan will be easier with a clear objective in mind.

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