So there I was, after years of dreaming, working hard and making endless mistakes I had finally built my Web Design business! I had remote employees working for me, I was making a decent amount of money, I had clients coming in to the point where I had to say no to a lot of them (which is not a bad thing).

But I wasn’t happy: I was more stressed than ever before having to babysit all these employees, making sure my clients were happy, managing my finances, answering emails, taking sales calls...I had created a monster! I knew something had to change. So what did I do?

I hired a Virtual Assistant to act as my right hand lady! Keep in mind this literally happened 2 weeks ago so I’m still in the process of training her but it’s been great. The whole reason I quit my cushy corporate job and started working for myself was so that I could be happier and do more things that I enjoyed, so I figure I can just hire people to do the things that I don’t want to do or are just menial tasks. Now I know we all can’t afford to do this, but I paid my dues and I spent years of work doing these things myself to get to this level.

You can hire VAs to do almost anything these days, mine mainly focuses on helping me out with Project Management with my biz and some other small side-tasks like answering emails. Freelancers can benefit highly from VAs too! For example, when I was freelancing I hired VAs to do different tasks that I didn’t want to do back then (cold calling for example).

You need to view your time as an investment vs something you spend. If I can start investing my time into growing my business then that’s going to bring me a much larger ROI than if I invested my time in replying to emails or doing menial work. So to me, it’s worth it to hire someone to offload these tasks in order to grow.

Have you ever hired a VA? What did you hire them to do and what was your experience like?

If you have any questions about how to train a VA to help you or anything else feel free to send us a message!